Enlightenus is a creative combination of adventure with hidden object games
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Enlightenus is a great combination of adventure with hidden object game. In this game you are a famous detective who is hired by a well-known novelist to solve the mystery of the stolen pages of his books, which are hidden the Enlightenus version of his mansion.
Throughout the game, you move from room to room discovering things and picking objects to later use them in other rooms. You will also find pages of the novels scattered around, which represent hidden object games. Unlike most hidden object games, in this one you don´t have a list of items to find, but items that need to be placed where they belong. For instance, you´ll have a bulb that has to be placed on a lamp. Some of the objects are not so easy to be placed, but fortunately when you hover the mouse over the objects on the scene, it provides short clues that help you find the missing parts more easily.
There are also some fun mini-games in which you have to rearrange images in a logical pattern. The story behind the game is really well-developed with wonderful graphics and sound effects, and excellent voice acting.
The game has a somewhat free gameplay and you can revisit places as many times as you want. However, you won't know when you have completely explored a room, and you will find yourself returning to the rooms several times not knowing what to do. However, this is the only drawback I found. I´m sure, users will appreciate the creativity of the gameplay and interesting hidden object games.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Creative hidden object games
  • Enjoyable mini-games
  • Catchy story with great voice-acting
  • Great graphics


  • Too easy to get stuck without knowing what to do
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